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Previous E-mails

August 12, 2017 - Six years, eight months!


Hi, everybody! Sorry that's it been so long since my last update.

The second half of the school year went by very quickly. I've met lots of new friends, and I've tried lots of new activities, like ice skating, gymnastics, and mini-golf. There's been so many exciting events at school. I got to make a plate in art class for Mother's Day, just like my Daddy did a long time ago. I showed people how to draw pictures and write stories on an iPad at the school "Doseum" exhibit. The last week of school had a day to dress up like an animal -- I chose a tiger -- and another day to go to the zoo!

At church, I finished up my first year of Sparks, and I have two more to go. At the Pringle Car Races, my car won 2nd place for design in the kindergarten division. I also participated in my first kids' choir musical.

I just finished up a week of summer camp, which was tons of fun.

I got my hair cut about a week ago, and I start 1st grade in 11 days! See you soon!

Love, Eliana

January 21, 2017 - Look! I am six!


Hi, there! Last month, I turned six years old.

I am now into the second half of my year in Kindergarten, and things are going great! Between art, music, Spanish, gym, recess, science, library time, and visiting with my friends, there's always something going on. I am getting better at reading because I have a different little book to read every night.

In October, I had an amazing trip to Disney World with Jonas, Mommy, Daddy, Bubba, GrandPat, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins from Minnesota. I got to meet Rapunzel and Tinkerbell and lots of other characters. I was nervous about the Soarin' ride at first, but I really enjoyed it.

In November, I was a flower girl at my cousin Ed's wedding. I was a flower girl back when I was three, so it was no big deal this time. :)

December was a very busy month. I celebrated my sixth birthday at school by bringing snowflake cupcakes to share with the class. Mommy made me a yummy Minions cake to eat at home. I got a fort building set, a headband maker, and lots of other fun gifts. Later in the month, I got to see the Nutcracker with my friend Anneliese.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for Christmas. One of my favorite gifts is my science kit. With the help of a grown up, I can make volcanos that change color, or even one that's underwater! I also like the Nintendo that Daddy got. I can beat the first round of Super Mario Bros. all by myself.

I'll write again in a couple of months!

Love, Eliana

September 8, 2016 - Five years, nine months!


Hi, everyone! I am five years and nine months old. I have lots of news to share.

I've had a wonderful summer, spending lots of time playing outside with family and friends. In early July, my cousins Ella, Lily, and Kellan came for a visit. We watched the parade and saw some amazing fireworks on the 4th. In August, we had a great time at Daddy's work picnic. I am old enough now to do the midway games, but I still really like bounce houses.

Fall is just about here, and I am now in Kindergarten! I am at Prairie School, which is where Daddy went when he was growing up. I'm making lots of new friends, including a first grade girl I see on the Kenosha bus every day. I'm also doing my best to keep in touch with old friends from my 4K class.

There's some fun trips coming up in the next few months! I'll tell you all about them when I turn six in December!

Love, Eliana

June 18, 2016 - Five and a half


Happy summer, everybody! I'm five and a half! There's lot of news since my last update. Here are a few highlights.

In April, I celebrated with my Cubbies (AWANA) group at the awards night at church. My vest has all the stickers and ribbons on it. Next fall, I move on to Sparks.

Early in June, I went to the Moose Hotel with Daddy, Bubba, and Jonas. We rode the trolley, played in the arcade, and of course I went swimming a lot. Daddy and I did the big green slide at least 20 times.

Last week, I graduated from 4K. We had a party with cookies and milk, and I wore a cap and gown. I'm going to miss my friends, especially Rosalie, but I'll still see her for play dates every so often. I'm going to Prairie next year for Kindergarten.

With the warm weather finally here, lots more adventures are ahead. Talk to you soon!

Love, Eliana

March 10, 2016 - Five years, three months


Hey everybody! I'm five years and three months old!

I had a wonderful Christmas. I especially like my market stand. Mommy made signs so that I can switch it to a post office, lemonade stand, or a treat shop! I loved time all the time I got spend with my family from out of town.

In January, me and my whole family went to Oregon. I got to see all my west coast cousins and spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa. I also love it when Daddy, Jonas, and I go for a walk from Grandpa's house to the 7-Eleven to share a slurpee. Yum.

I love my tumbling class. I'm learning to do cartwheels and somersaults. I still love my 4K class too. Mommy and Daddy are taking me to some schools in the neighborhood to see where I might go to Kindergarten next year. Daddy says I'm growing up so fast.

I'm excited that spring is almost here. I went to the new dream playground a mile away from my house last week, and the snow in the back yard is finally melting. Yay for warm weather! Talk to you soon!

Love, Eliana

December 11, 2015 - I'm five! Yay!


Hello, Eliana fans! I am so happy to tell you that I am five years old!

My birthday party this year had a My Little Pony theme. I had a special dress to match. Thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate and for all the wonderful presents!

My 4K class is going great. I can write all by myself. Sometimes Daddy and Mommy help me spell the words. I finished my letter to Santa.

There have been so many new experiences in the past few months. In October, I went to Lake Geneva with Mommy and Daddy and Jonas. I played at a water park, rode a pony, and saw a moose made out of legos. For Halloween, I dressed up as a cheerleader. In November, I got to play in the leaves and in the snow.

I still love to draw and make my own crafts. I am also learning to play more games like Tic Tac Toe and Simon Says.

Talk to you soon! Have a great Christmas, and stay warm!

Love, Eliana

September 23, 2015 - Four years nine months


Hi, friends and family!

Fall is here, and I am four years and nine months old. Wow!

It's been a great summer. I got to ride my bike a lot, and I'm having tons of fun on our playground. I can even go upside down on the trapeze all by myself. I still love time in the pool -- I just started my level 3 swimming class. There's lots of new things I want to try, but Mommy says I can't do everything.

I started 4K this month. I go there for three hours every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I can count to fifty, and I can write almost all the letters. We get time to draw pictures, so I bring a few home every day. Mommy and Daddy say I'm growing up too fast.

I love hanging out with my little brothers and sister. Jonas and I had a fun time riding the trolleys in downtown Kenosha. I know how to make Selah and Timothy smile, and I can help feed them when Mommy and Daddy are busy.

Bye for now! You'll hear from me again after I turn five!

Love, Eliana

June 17, 2015 - 4 1/2!


Hi everyone!

I am now four and a half years old! Since Jonas recently turned two and a half, we celebrated with half a cake each! Yum!

I just finished my first full year of preschool. I got the homework folder award for always working really hard on my homework and making sure to turn it in every week. I'm starting 4K this fall, and lots of my friends from preschool will be there.

I'm also moving up in my swim lessons - I started my level 2 class today, and I wore my new swimsuit.

I've been working on writing words too. I can write out my name, although Isaacson sure does have a lot of letters!

I'm becoming much more adventurous and not as timid. I'm a great climber and love the trapeze and swings on our new swing set. I can now pedal and steer on my bike. I like it when we ride to the pond down the street.

Speaking of adventure, I had my first dentist appointment last month. Daddy said I did awesome. I wasn't afraid at all. I liked all the neat tools, especially the water squirter and the suction straw. The dentist says my teeth look great.

I'm a very attentive big sister. I like to help hold my baby brother and sister and bring them toys and other things they may need.

I'm looking forward to a fun summer playing outside!

Love, Eliana

March 10, 2015- Four Years and Three Months


Hi, everyone! Sorry this is a few days late. We've been really busy and really excited to see my new little brother and sister, and they're finally here!

It's still pretty cold around here, but things are warming up this week. Even when there's lots of snow on the ground, it's fun to be out. If I climb on the pile of snow in our front yard, I can be taller than Daddy!

Every Wednesday night, I meet with my church friends at Awana Cubbies. To get ready, I ask Mommy and Daddy to read me the story for the week and to help me memorize the Bible verse. I like to put on my vest and get awards for all my hard work.

I'm thankful that I get to go swimming twice a week. I go on Tuesday with my class at preschool and on Saturday for my lesson. I can't wait for summer when I can play in the pool in the back yard.

I still love crafts of all kinds. I made a picture for Mommy and Daddy and gave it to them at the hospital after the twins came. They liked it so much that that they brought it home and framed it!

See you soon!

Love, Eliana

December 9, 2014 - Four Years Old!


Hi, everybody! I am four! Yay!

In October, I went on a plane to Oregon. I had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa. We went to the zoo, the farmer's market, and lots of other places. It was especially nice because they threw Jonas and me an early birthday party. I got to play with my cousins Lucas, Addie, and Jase. Addie and I wore our matching Minnie dresses that Grandma gave us.

While I was in Oregon, I surprised Mommy and Daddy by writing my name all by myself! I'm also starting to read. At bedtime, I like to read my Frozen book and my new Toy Story book out loud. Don't interrupt me, or I'll have to start over at the beginning.

Last month, I had an incredible time at Disney World with Mommy, Daddy, Jonas, Bubba, GrandPat, and Aunt Sue. I met Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, and lots of other princesses. I especially liked the Dumbo ride. I also met Doc McStuffins. I was wearing my doctor coat when I met her, and she got really excited and jumped up and down when she noticed it. I got to see two parades at the Magic Kingdom while sitting on Daddy's shoulders. One had lots of lights, and the other was full of Christmas decorations. Everything was so much fun!

Mommy made me a delicious pink cake to celebrate my birthday. It had magic candles that would light up again every time I blew them out. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful presents!

I'll write again in about three months. My new little sister and brother will probably be here by then. I'm so excited to meet them!

Love, Eliana

September 8, 2014 - Three years, nine months old!


Hello, family and friends! I am three years and nine months old. Before you know it, I'll be four.

What an amazing summer it has been! I had lots of fun. I especially like playing in the water. Jonas and I played in the little pool in the back yard, and I also had big girl swimming lessons every week in the big pool at Daddy's work center. Mommy and Daddy are close by, but they don't have to hold me. More lessons start next week. Yay!

Last month, I was the flower girl in Daddy's friend's wedding! I practiced with Mommy at home. We flew in a plane to Arizona, where it was really hot. I rehearsed at the church the night before the big day, and then I did great at the wedding! People ask me if it's hard being a flower girl. I think it's easy!

Whenever I'm awake, I like to do crafts. My favorites are glue, markers, little pom poms, construction paper, scissors, glitter, and pipe cleaners. I also got to paint the planets, and Mommy and Daddy hung them in my room. We added some glow-in-the-dark stars, and it looks awesome.

I like to play with Jonas a lot more. We're still learning to share our toys, but now it's okay if we're together in my room for a while. We sometimes play restaurant or tea party.

My first day of preschool was last week! I'm excited because my teacher is the same as last year! Some of my friends from last year are there too. I better go to bed, because they're having waffles for breakfast at school tomorrow.

One more thing. There are two babies in Mommy's tummy. The doctor says they will come out in March. I hope one of them is a girl baby.

See you soon!

Love, Eliana

June 8, 2014 - Three and a half years old


Hi! I'm writing because I am now three and a half! Mommy and Daddy say I'm growing up too fast.

I am really happy that it's warm again. I like to play in the back yard with my play house, my sand table and my slide, and I also like to dig in the garden and help Mommy plant things. I also like to go walking to the pond or ride in the purple stroller all around the neighborhood.

When I'm inside, there's lot of things to do. I still like giving check-ups to all my animal friends, making dinner with my play kitchen, washing real dishes in the sink, playing library with my books, and having tea parties. Jonas is getting a little bigger, so I can play more fun games with him.

I had a great Easter. On Saturday morning, I went egg hunting in a church parking lot, and then I colored eggs with Mommy in the afternoon. On Sunday, I hunted for more eggs at Bubba and GrandPat's house. Everyone said I looked really cute in my Easter dress.

May 29 was my last day of junior preschool. I'll miss my friends and my teacher, but I'm excited for preschool in the fall.

Mommy and Daddy are having a party at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 5. I'd love to see you there. If you want to come and visit, let them know! See you soon!

Love, Eliana

March 7, 2014 - Three years, three months


Hello, family and friends!

I've had lots of fun in the past few months. I had a wonderful Christmas. It was so great to see family both here and in Oregon. I especially like the pajama pants that Mommy made for me.

I love to be outside. Even though it's been cold, I've had several chances to play out there. I like building snow castles with Daddy and making snow angels with Mommy. I also got to go sledding with Jonas at a hill by our house.

There's plenty of great things to do inside, too! I like to play doctor and give check-ups to Bear and all the other animals in my room. I also love to play kitchen and make dinner for everyone. Sometimes Jonas helps.

I also love to run! Daddy and I race around the house whenever we get a chance, taking turns chasing each other. Daddy usually gets tired first.

See you soon!

Love, Eliana

December 12, 2013 - I am three!


Hi everyone!

I am three years old now! I am 36 and 3/4 inches tall and weigh about 27 pounds. I am very smart, and I really like putting together puzzles. I know all my colors and letters.

The last three months have been really busy! I started going to Junior Preschool two mornings a week. We have circle time and reading time and play time and art time. Now that I know what school is all about, playing teacher is one of my favorite games. We're on Christmas break now, but I go back to school in January.

A few weeks ago, my Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. We went to pick them up at the airport. We had lots of fun together, and we even got to ride on a special train at the mall and make my very own stuffed penguin at Build-A-Bear.

For my third birthday, we had a Mickey party. I like to play all my new games with Mommy and Daddy. I love my new dollhouse and all the dolls and tiny furniture that came with it.

In just a couple of weeks, I get to go on an airplane to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Oregon. I'm very excited!

Love, Eliana

September 9, 2013 - Two years, nine months


Hi, everyone! I am now two years and nine months old. I'll be three before you know it.

It has been an incredible summer. I've spent lots of time outside, especially in the back yard. I have my own playhouse, pool, and a slide. I love to water the flowers and tend the garden with Mommy. I especially like to pick ripe tomatoes and blackberries and eat them right away.

The 4th of July weekend was packed with fun stuff. Lots of family, including cousins Rachel, Ella, and Lily, watched the parade with me. At the annual party at our house, there were so many friends there that I couldn't count them all. If you were there, thank you for coming!

At the end of July, I went up north to the Isaacson family cottage. There's a lake nearby, and I learned how to fish. I really liked the boat rides with Bubba. We also had a campfire with yummy s'mores and had time to visit with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jerry.

I like that I have lots of places to swim. Besides the backyard pool, there was a pool at the hotel up north. There's another pool at Great Grandma Iz's house. I'm happy when Aunt Sue comes over so she can swim with me and Daddy.

Just last weekend, I flew in a plane with Mommy, Daddy, and Jonas to Oregon. Then Mommy and Daddy drove me to the beach. Wow! The ocean is a really, really, really big place to swim! It's also fun to walk along the shore and see little rocks, shells, and creatures in the tide pools. While I was in Oregon, I got to visit with Grandma, Grandpa, and all my aunts, uncles, and cousins who live there. I can't wait to go back.

I have lots to do this fall. Tuesday is my first day of junior preschool, and I'm really excited to go. Going places is fun because Mommy and Daddy got a new car called a Highlander with lots of room for me, Jonas, and all our things. See you soon!

Love, Eliana

June 7, 2013 - Two and a half!


Hello, family and friends! I am two and a half years old. That's thirty months. Wow!

I am so excited about the summer weather. On beautiful days like today, I get up before 6:00 a.m. and ask Mommy and Daddy to go outside. Maybe someday they'll let me run around in the back yard in my pajamas.

There was also wonderful weather at the Hawaii house! I rode a plane with Mommy, Daddy, Baby Jonas, Grandma and Grandpa to get there. We could see the beach and the ocean from our window, and I could also see the pool. It had two waterslides, and I liked both of them. Daddy said we went down them a hundred times. That sounds like a lot.

I love being a big sister. Baby Jonas is starting to move around more, and it's fun to watch him grab toys. I like to give him a few hugs every day so he knows how much I love him.

Will you drop by my house on Saturday, July 6 at 6 p.m. and play with me? I have a sand table and a new red wagon with a canopy. I've still got my play house and my slide, too! If you can make it, just let Mommy or Daddy know.

Here's a picture of me and cousin Addie when I was in Oregon. The next one is the balcony at the Hawaii house. The third one is a fun playground in Oregon, and the last one is a baseball tee that Bubba made for me. See you soon!

Love, Eliana

March 7, 2013 - Two years and three months


Hi, everybody! Happy March!

I am now two years and three months old.

Did you have a fun Christmas? It was great visiting family at Great Grandma Iz's house on Christmas Eve. I opened lots of presents, and Mommy let me help open packages for Jonas, too!

Uncle Andrew, Aunt Holly, Ella, Lily, and Kellan came to visit after Christmas. I got to open even more presents, and then we all went sledding on the hill behind Bubba and GrandPat's house! Daddy didn't mind pulling me back to the top of the hill over and over again until I got tired.

When I'm inside, there's plenty of things to do. I like playing with legos, putting puzzles together, running around the basement, helping Mommy make treats, reading with Daddy, and watching TV. My favorite shows are Cinderella, Super Why, Max & Ruby, and Daniel Tiger.

In February, we went to Oregon. My favorite activities were hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa, visiting the Portland Children's Museum with Mommy's friends, and playing Ring Around the Rosie and Duck, Duck, Goose with cousin Addie.

Two weeks ago, we finally got enough snow to make a snowman. Mommy and Daddy helped me, and it ended up taller than me! I still love playing outside, so I am excited that spring is almost here. See you soon!

Love, Eliana

December 7, 2012 - Two Years Old!


Hi everyone,

I am 2 years old! Wow! We had lots of fun today. Mommy made me a birthday cake. I asked for a pink cake, and I helped decorate it with sprinkles. Then Mommy and Daddy sang Happy Birthday to me at least 10 times. I really liked blowing out the candles, and Mommy let me add a few extra just for fun. I got to open some presents, including my very own camera from Bubba and GrandPat.

If you want to help me celebrate my birthday, stop by my house for a cupcake this Sunday between 3 and 5. I'd love to see you there, but Mommy says you shouldn't bring me any more presents. Apparently I have all that I could possibly ever want.

This month, I spent a lot of time with my Grandma and Grandpa Walter who came for a visit. They got me a slide for my birthday, which we put in the basement. There are lots of other fun toys down there now too, including my playhouse and my cozy coupe. I've been learning a lot. I am starting to speak in full sentences, and I know a lot of my shapes, including heart, star and triangle.

My new brother, Jonas, showed up this month too. He's okay I guess, but he sure does make a lot of noise. I think he'll be getting his own e-mail address too, so you'll probably be hearing from him soon.

See you later!

Love, Eliana

Note from Daddy: E-mails from Eliana will now be sent out once every three months. So, you'll receive the next one on March 7, 2013. Feel free to e-mail us before then if you'd like to check in on how we're doing.

November 7, 2012 - 23 Months Old!


Hi Friends and Family,

Today I am 23 months old! I am doing so many new things lately. I am sleeping in a big girl bed every night. I cuddle up under the covers with my monkey, Elmo, Scout puppy and Minnie. I am talking all the time and love to tell you and show you all about the things I am exploring. School buses and airplanes fascinate me, and I like to point them out.

I love to color with crayons, pencils, markers and paint. I especially like it when Mom and Dad put paper on the window for me to color. I also like playing with all the different colors of playdoh and building towers with blocks. I'm really looking forward to seeing my grandma and grandpa - they are coming for a visit very soon!

My 2nd birthday is coming up next month. If you want to stop by and say "Happy birthday!", you can come over December 9 any time between 3 and 5 p.m. for some birthday treats. Oh yeah, and my mom says my baby brother will be there if you want to see him too. I'm not sure who this baby brother is that everyone keeps talking about, but I guess he'll be here soon.

See you next month!


October 7, 2012 - Twenty-two months!


Hello, friends and family,

I am 22 months old today. I am learning and exploring all kinds of new things this month. My mom and dad say my vocabulary is exploding, and I am starting to use more complete sentences. I can climb in and out of my car seat and can even open the gates in the back yard. I am a good helper around the house and like to help Mommy with laundry and sweeping and emptying the dishwasher.

A couple weeks ago my grandma and grandpa from Oregon came to visit. We had lots of fun playing together. We went to the park and even to the pumpkin patch. I really liked playing there - it was lots of fun! I got to bring home my very own pumpkin.

I really like being outside, especially when there is an airplane flying overhead. I like to pretend that I'm flying in an airplane. Sometimes we make airplanes out of play-doh and fly them around the house. My grandpa taught me that. :)

That's all for now. Talk to you in a month!

Love, Eliana

September 7, 2012 - 21 months old!


Hi, friends and family! I am 21 months old today.

I am very active these days. I like going to the pool and riding around on my trike. We go to the playground a lot, where I can climb up the slides all by myself. I also like the swings, and I'm learning to sit on the big kid swings.

I really like to do art projects at home. I especially enjoy painting, coloring with markers, playing with Play-doh and anything else that is messy. I am getting very good at naming all the colors, and I'm learning to count. I also love to twirl, march and hop.

Mom says I am growing a lot. My hair is getting very long, but I refuse to let Mom put any bows or hair bands in it. I am embracing its wild nature. I am now sleeping in my very own big girl bed, although it seems like I spend a lot of nights sleeping on the floor next to the bed. Daddy moved my crib into the other bedroom, which is now blue and green. Hmmm, I wonder what that's about.

This month we went on a few trips. We drove up to see Uncle Mike and Aunt Gail in Mercer, Wisconsin, and visited Uncle Andrew, Aunt Holly and Ella, Lily and Kellan in Minnesota. Both trips were long car rides, but I got to watch some Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Olivia and Max & Ruby to help pass the time. We also went to Culver's where I got some frozen custard. Yum! In a couple of weeks, my Grandma and Grandpa from Oregon are coming to visit. That is going to be lots of fun. I can't wait!


August 7, 2012 - 20 months


Hi, everyone! I am TWENTY months old today!

Summer has been great so far. Last Saturday, I went with Mommy and Daddy to Daddy's company picnic. I had yummy food and jumped in two different bounce houses! It was a hot day, so I couldn't play for too long, but I still had fun.

I really like going in the pool, either the little one in the backyard or the big ones at Grandma Iz's and the JMBA. We also go to the park a lot, where I climb on the jungle gyms and go down the slides. I also like it when Daddy pushes me on the swings. Wheeee!

I am saying "Mommy" and "Daddy" a lot more now. I especially like it when Daddy comes to get me when I wake up in the morning and when I rest in Daddy's lap before I go to bed at night. The rest of the time, I stay pretty close to Mommy. She does a great job taking care of me.

I'm getting excited about my baby brother. He should be here before I'm two years old. Mommy and Daddy are busy getting the house ready. I can't wait to be a big sister.

See you soon!

Love, Eliana

July 8, 2012 - Nineteen months! Yay!


Hi, everybody! Yesterday, I turned 19 months old.

Mommy and Daddy threw a big party on Tuesday. There were lots of kids there, so I had tons of fun! Mommy made some special cupcakes with blue icing on the inside to share the news that I will have a little baby brother in November. I am really excited to be a big sister!

It has been pretty hot lately. I like to play outside and splash around in my little pool, but a few days ago, it was too hot to do that! It's okay because Mommy and Daddy bought me some new puzzles and toys that I can play with inside.

I am learning all about opposites like open and closed or up and down. My favorite is near and far. I like to run back and forth across the room to show Daddy the difference. I am also learning more words like "help", "cheese", "clock", "see", and "cracker".

I hope you are having a great summer! See you soon!

Love, Eliana

June 8, 2012 - 18 months old!


Hello, family and friends!

Happy half birthday to me! Yesterday, I turned 18 months old, and I am very much a big girl. I grew three inches and gained two pounds in the last three months, so now I can climb all over the place. I am saying all kinds of new words, like cat, car, stuck, shoes and NO! (I say that one a LOT!)

My mom and dad bought me a new playhouse on the deck. It is lots of fun to play in, and we spend a lot of time out there now that it is warm. When it's not warm, I really like to watch Elmo, either on the TV, or one of the computers, or on Mommy's phone. You can watch Elmo anywhere!

I also like going to see Great Grandma Iz and swimming in the pool. Sometimes I get so excited I can hardly contain myself! I also really like going to the park and swinging on the swings. Whee!

This past month was very busy. We made a quick trip to Oregon to see some family and to go to a baby shower for one of mommy's friends, and then we got to go to Minnesota to see Uncle Andrew, Aunt Holly and cousins Ella, Lily and Kellan. And we got to see daddy run in a race. It was lots of fun!

This coming month we're going to play outside more and have fun at some parties! Yay! See you soon!


May 7, 2012 - 17 months old


Dear family and friends,

I am seventeen months old today!

I had a great Easter. Bubba and GrandPat hid some eggs outside for me. I didn't find mine as fast as cousin Ella, cousin Lily, or cousin Kellan found theirs, but I wasn't in a big hurry.

I love books. When I was very little, I would have two or three books read to me before I went to sleep. Now, I am always finding books and giving them to Mommy or Daddy to read to me. I like to go through them any time of day. Daddy likes it when I hand him a book and then sit in his lap so he can read it to me. I think Mommy likes it, too!

I am getting really good at climbing. I like to pull myself up on the big kid chairs in the kitchen so that I can see what's on the kitchen table. I used to need help to get down, but now I can do it myself. I think Mommy and Daddy are getting anxious about what I might climb on next.

I'm finding lots of new ways to have fun. I like exploring in cabinets, playing with play-doh, and watching Elmo and his friends. I'm also learning about parts of the body. If you ask me, I can touch my nose, my ears, my hair, and even my belly button. If I really like you, I might ask to see your belly button, too!

That's all for now. See you soon!

Love, Eliana

April 7, 2012 - Sixteen months old!


Happy Easter, everyone! I am 16 months old today.

There's been a lot of exciting things going on with me lately. Last month, I was in Minnesota visiting Uncle Andrew, Aunt Holly, and cousins Ella, Lily and Kellan. We went to a playground where I went down a bunch of different slides. Daddy was always ready to catch me and lift me back up to the top so I could slide again and again.

I still love being outside as much as possible. Even when I don't realize how cold it is, I'm trying to open the screen door and play with toys on the deck in the back yard. I have fun inside too. I like to climb in my cozy coupe and have Mommy or Daddy push me around the house. I go from the family room to the foyer to the kitchen and back to the family room. I like to go around five or six times before I play with some other toys.

Easter is tomorrow, so I've had even more time with family these past few days. Uncle Andrew and his family are in town and staying at Bubba and Grand Pat's house, so I went over there a few times to have dinner and play. Yesterday, Aunt Holly came over and took some cute pictures of me in my Easter dress.

See you real soon!

Love, Eliana

March 7, 2012 - 15 months old


Hi everyone,

I am 15 months old today! I weigh about 20 pounds and am almost 30 inches tall. The doctor says that I am growing really well.

When it's warm enough, we get to go outside for walks up and down the street. It has been so nice outside lately that sometimes mom takes me to a magical place called the back yard. There is so much room to run around back there! I like to play with the leaves and the dirt. Mom says that pretty soon we can play back there every day! Yay!

Last month was lots of fun. My Grandma and Grandpa Walter from Oregon came to visit. We had a great time working on projects and playing games and reading stories. This month, I get to fly out to Minnesota to see my Aunt Holly and Uncle Andrew and my cousins Ella, Lily and Kellan. I'm very excited for the trip!

Talk to you soon!


February 8, 2012 - 14 Months Old!


Yesterday, I turned 14 months old! I am trying new things almost every day. I go to story time with Mommy at the library every week, and on the weekend I go to swim lessons. Either Mommy or Daddy gets in the pool with me, and we have fun splashing around. I really like singing 'The Wheels on the Bus' and doing the hand motions. I also enjoy 'The Isty Bitsy Spider' and 'Humpty Dumpty'. I love listening to music and dancing. Today I found Mommy's iPod. That is a fun toy!

I also like having playdates with my family and friends, especially Aunt Sue, Great Grandma Iz, Jesse and Anneliese. We play lots of fun games, and I like sharing my toys.

I am growing bigger and bigger every day. Mommy says it's because I have a giant appetite. Mommy made some turkey meatballs yesterday, and they were delicious! I also really like cottage cheese, blueberries, pretzel bagels and tomatoes. I still like to eat yogurt with my hands, but we're working on using the spoon. I now have six teeth, so I can eat crunchier foods like apples and crackers.

I have a lot to look forward to in the next month. I get to see my grandma and grandpa from Oregon in just a few weeks. Yay!

Love, Eliana

January 7, 2012 - 13 months old


Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! I am 13 months old today. A lot has happened in the past month. We've been busy! I'm walking all over the place and can get in to the bottom three drawers of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. I'm saying more words like "all done", "okay", "boom", and "toot"! And I am much better at voicing my opinion so that you always know how I feel.

I have four teeth -- two on the bottom and two on the top. Daddy calls my big front tooth Chopper, but its partner, Champer, hasn't come in yet. Just Little Chopper on the other side. But I'm sure Champer will be coming in any day now. Now that I have teeth, I can eat a lot of new foods. I really like eating fruits and berries and anything that Mommy is eating. She's usually nice enough to share with me. The one thing I don't like is milk. Yuck! I don't know why they keep trying to make me drink that stuff. Something about growing big and strong, I guess.

A few weeks ago, I got to go on another airplane ride. I didn't like it as much as last time, but it was worth it to be with Grandma and Grandpa in Oregon. It sure is nice out there! And it seems like everywhere we went in December, people were giving me presents! Mom and Dad had to rearrange the family room to give me a place to play with all my new toys. Now we're all set up for play dates, so if you want to come over, just let my mom and dad know! We'll have lots of fun together!

Here is a picture of Grandpa holding me in Oregon, and here's one of me with my cell phone. Bye for now!


December 9, 2011 - I am one!


Hello everybody,

Can you believe that I am one year old? Mommy and Daddy say they have been blessed beyond words this year and that I am loved more than I could ever imagine. That sounds pretty great.

I am starting to walk, taking a few steps here and there. I also have a new doll stroller that I can push to help me get around. I have three teeth - two on the bottom and one on top. They help me eat all kinds of new food. And I'm learning lots of new words. I can say "mama", "dada", "all done", "up" and my favorite - "uh oh!"

After my birthday, we put up a Christmas tree. I really like pulling on the ornaments - especially the jingle bells! Although I don't quite understand why all the pretty ones are up higher than I can reach. Probably because I like to put them in my new little potty. Mommy says it's a good thing I don't know how to use it yet - otherwise, we'd need new ornaments. I don't know what she means. I've found plenty of fun ways to use it!

Last weekend, I had a really fun birthday party. I had some yummy cake and lots of sugar. I really liked it, but I tried to stay as clean as possible. After all, I am a lady.

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in a couple of weeks in Oregon. Daddy says we get to go on another airplane soon. Fun!

I love you all!


November 7, 2011 - 11 months old!


Hi everyone,

Can you believe I'm 11 months old today? Mommy and Daddy say I'm going through a big growth spurt. I'm not sure what that means, but I know I can reach stuff from on top of some of the tables now and I can open drawers. There's lots of fun and tempting stuff in there! And I am thiiiis close to figuring out how to flush the toilet. I've already learned all about toilet paper and how it just keeps unrolling and unrolling and unrolling. That's super fun. I'm glad mommy and daddy put it in the bathroom just for me.

I'm cruising all over the house now. I can stand up on my own and pretty soon I'll be walking everywhere. For now I just like to keep my legs firmly planted and pivot around a little bit. I'm very good at going up stairs and I'm learning to go down them too. I really like helping mom out with the laundry. It's so fun to help her empty out the baskets. I really like playing with socks. That's probably why they never stay on my feet!

My new favorite foods this month are diced tomatoes, mandarin oranges and whatever you are eating. Your food always seems much better than mine. I'll be eating a lot of it soon, because I got my first tooth today.

See you next month!



October 10, 2011 - Ten Months Old!


Hi everyone,

I am ten months and three days old today. I'm sorry this email is late, but we have all been very busy. I've been learning so much this month. I really like to climb stairs, and I can make it to the top all by myself. I can pull myself up to standing on just about anything and can walk along furniture. I can also walk with you if you hold my hands. The other day I was able to stand up all by myself with no help, and I am getting stronger and stronger every day.

I've been learning new things as well, like the signs for "more" and "all done." I also like to put my arms up above my head when you say hip hip hooray! We are still working on clapping, high fives and blowing kisses, but I'm sure I'll have them down in no time.

I am a very happy baby, and I love to laugh and make my mommy and daddy smile. I still don't have any teeth, but I am getting good at eating chunkier foods like diced chicken, cooked diced carrots and bananas.

If you ever want to come visit, just let my mommy know! We'd love to have you over.



September 7, 2011 - Nine months!


Hey, everybody! Guess who is nine months old today? Yes, it's me!

I am crawling all over the place. I like to go as far as I can. I usually make it into the kitchen before Mommy or Daddy picks me up and brings me back in the family room. Whenever I get a chance to pick up the remote control or Mommy's cell phone, I crawl really fast and grab it!

I love to stand up, even though I can't do it all by myself yet. I can pull myself up by using the couch, my play music table, or anything else I can find. Daddy likes to sit right behind me and catch me when I start to fall backwards.

I had a checkup today, and I'm doing great! I weigh over sixteen pounds, and the doctor says I have a pretty big head for my body. It must be because I am so smart. The doctor also says that I am allowed to eat chicken, eggs, and yogurt. It's exciting to try new foods. Yum!

Bye for now. I hope to see you soon. Come and visit sometime!

Love, Eliana

August 7, 2011 - Eight months old!


I am 8 months old today!

I have been working hard at learning all kinds of new things. I am still learning to crawl, but I am very good at wiggling and rolling to get where I need to be. I can almost get from sitting up to my tummy without falling over. I am getting much better at taking two naps every day - one in the mid-morning and one in the early afternoon. Mom says don't call our house then because you'll wake me up.

I really like to shake any toy that makes a sound, and I'm learning how to jump in my jumperoo. Mom and Dad don't know it yet, but I am about to get into everything - bookshelves, cabinets, drawers - you name it! One of my favorite activities is looking at myself in the mirror. I am one cute kid!

Earlier this month I went swimming for the first time in my very cute bumblebee swim suit. My mom and dad got me an inflatable pool seat so I can float in style. I also experienced my first Roma Lodge Italian Festival and my first SC Johnson company picnic.

Here's two pictures. One is right after breakfast this morning, and the other is me playing with Bubba (Grandpa Tom).

Mom and Dad have lots of fun stuff planned for us - I'll tell you more about it next month!

Love, Eliana

July 7, 2011 - Seven months


I am seven months old today!

I've been learning lots of new things this month. I can now sit up on my own and drink from my own sippy cup. I like to roll to get where I need to go, and I think I'll probably start crawling soon. If you stand me up next to a table or couch, I can even hold myself up.

Now that it's warm and sunny, we go on lots of walks in our stroller. Some of my other favorite games are dropping things so mommy and daddy can pick them up, and eating paper when they're not looking. I have a big smile, but no teeth yet. I've been experimenting with lots of new foods this month, including spinach, pumpkin, banana, mango and white bread.

I'm only seven months old, but I've already been on three airplane trips. We just got back from Oregon where we spent lots of time with grandma and grandpa, my aunts, uncles, cousins and other friends. Lots of fun!

I have three pictures to share this week. The first one is from lunch today. The second one is from Oregon, and I am hanging out with my cousins, Addie and Lucas. In the third picture, I am relaxing on the bouncy seat that Grandma and Grandpa Walter got for me. See you soon!

Love, Eliana

June 7, 2011 - Six months!


Hi there!

Guess what? I am six months old today! I'm half way to being a whole year old!

I've started eating solid food. My favorites are green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, pears, applesauce, avocados, and squash. I'm adding new favorites every week! I love it when Mommy feeds me at lunch, and I'm always excited when Daddy comes home from work to feed me dinner. I weighed about 12 pounds at my checkup, so they're going to start giving me solid food for breakfast. Yay!

I can now roll over from my back to my tummy, and from my tummy to my back. Pretty soon, I'll be sitting up on my own. I've got lots of great toys, including an exersaucer. Here's a picture of me playing in it. I'm also sending another picture of me from today.

I hope everyone has a great summer. See you soon!

Love, Eliana

May 7, 2011 - Five months old!

Hi, everyone!

I am now five months old and getting bigger every day. I can now roll over from my stomach to my back and lift my head up very high when I'm on my tummy. Just last week I learned how to grab my toes and I have even figured out how to get my toes into my mouth. Yummy! I now have a kick piano in my crib and like to play songs for mom and dad at night. Although sometimes I like to give a cappella performances too.

This last month has been very busy. In early April, I went to my first Cubs/Brewers game at Miller Park. I got to wear my cute Cubs outfit. A couple weeks ago, I took my first plane ride to Portland to see my Grandma and Grandpa and my aunts and uncles for Easter. I also got to meet a lot of Mommy's high school friends. I liked the plane rides very much.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we go for lots of walks around the neighborhood. Pretty soon, we'll be spending lots of time outside when Mommy works on the garden in the backyard. Today we celebrated my five month birthday by cheering for Daddy in the Wisconsin Marathon. He did a great job and I had lots of fun!

Here I am with Daddy and Daddy's friend, David, who also ran today. Daddy and I both wore a cape!


April 7, 2011 - Four Months Old!

Hi, everyone!

I am now four months old. Last month went by so quickly! At my checkup on Tuesday, I weighed eleven pounds and four ounces, and I was 24.5 inches tall. I haven't rolled over by myself yet, but I'm really close. I am also learning to grab toys. I like to play peek-a-boo with Mommy and Daddy. It makes me giggle so much that I sometimes get the hiccups!

Uncle Andrew, Aunt Holly, and cousins Ella, Lily, and Kellan came to Wisconsin for a visit. Here's a picture of me hanging out with them. It was overwhelming to have so much attention at first, but it's great to have so many people who love me and can help take care of me.

Bye for now!

Love, Eliana

March 7, 2011 - Three months old

Hi, everybody!

I am three months old today. Mommy and Daddy are thrilled that I almost always sleep through the night. I really like my crib. I haven't learned to crawl yet, but I love being on my tummy. Mommy thinks I might roll over very soon. While I enjoy playing with my toys, my favorite activity is being held by Mommy or Daddy.

I had my dedication at Kenosha Bible Church on Sunday, February 27. Go to to see a video of it!

Here I am hanging out with a bunch of my friends. See you soon!

Love, Eliana

February 7, 2011 - I'm two months old! Baby Dedication Invitation

Hi, all!

I am two months old today. At my appointment last week, I weighed nine pounds. My newborn outfits are too small, but not to worry -- I have lots of bigger clothes. I'm spending more time on my tummy, and I can lift my head up a little bit. I'm not quite ready to play with toys yet, but Mom & Dad are still keeping them close to me. They also read to me every night.

Here's some exciting news! On Sunday, February 27, I will be dedicated at the 10:30 a.m. Sanctuary service at Kenosha Bible Church, which is at 5405 67th Street in Kenosha. I would love it if you could be there. My mom and dad would also like to have you over to our house after the service for some food and fun. If I'm in a good mood, I might even let you hold me. :)

Bye for now!

Love, Eliana

P.S. If you know of other family who would like to get this, just let me know, and I'll add their addresses to my list!

January 7, 2011 - I'm a month old today!

Hi, everybody!

Mommy and Daddy are celebrating today because I am now one month old! At my checkup yesterday, I weighed seven pounds and two ounces. I'm still pretty tiny, but my newborn clothes are fitting much better now.

I had a great Christmas! Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful gifts. It was a lot of fun meeting many of you, and I hope you liked being able to hold me.

My favorite activities are eating and sleeping. I also like it when Mommy and Daddy hold me, but sometimes they are holding me for way too long, and then I prefer to stretch out on a blanket.

Here is a picture of me from today. There's more pictures at:

I'm also excited about some photos that Aunt Holly took of me when she was here in December. They aren't quite ready yet, but they will be soon.

Bye for now!

Love, Eliana

P.S. I'm going to try and send a note to you about once a month. If you'd like me to remove you from this mailing list, just let me know. :)