Merry Christmas!

2013 was another year full of excitement and blessings for us. We're thankful for all the support we've received from friends and family through whatever comes our way.

Eliana turned three in December, and she has changed dramatically in the past year. She is very shy in a large group, but among close friends and family, she rarely stops talking. She will soon be starting her second semester of Junior Preschool, another round of swimming lessons, and the second half of the Puggles (AWANA) group at church.
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Jonas turned one in November, and we can't call him 'Baby Jonas' any more. He was an early walker -- he starting pushing a cart around at seven months. By ten months, he was moving around the house too quickly for us to keep up. He has a smile / grin that can melt the hearts of young and old. He still likes to cling to Mommy and Daddy, but he usually opens up if you happen to be holding a toy he likes.
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Jenelle is a busy mom, but that doesn't stop her from completing numerous projects around the house, making fancy dinners and desserts, and writing about them in her blog. The latest work in progress is in our garage, and we hope to have the 'mud room' section done in the next month or so.

Ben continues to enjoy running. He set a marathon personal best in Kenosha in May, and he's looking to keep improving in 2014. When he's not busy chasing the kids or a new personal best, you'll find him managing system upgrades at SC Johnson, playing guitar and singing at church services, or trying to keep the family web site up-to-date.

See you in 2014!

Ben, Jenelle, Eliana & Jonas

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