Summer in Oregon

By ben  

We visited Jenelle’s family in Beaverton from June 10-15.  As always, we had a wonderful time.  Here’s all the photos!

Some highlights from this trip:

The Rose Parade – We had great spots on the curb in Portland to watch the annual Rose Parade, and we didn’t have to get up all that early!  With plenty of food, drink, and conversation to keep us occupied, the floats, bands, and all the other parade entries were zooming by us in no time.  There were also lots of animals, and not just horses.  Check the photos (link above) for details.  For those who enjoy the Racine 4th of July Parade, I estimate that the Rose Parade is 10-20 times better.  🙂

Fun at 7 Eleven – Since there are no 7 Eleven stores around here, it’s a treat to be able to walk to one from Jenelle’s parents’ house.  As we ventured off to get a slurpee, Dave (Jenelle’s Dad) suggested that I spend an extra dollar or two to get an aluminum straw, as it significantly enhances the slurpee experience.  He was right.  I will be able to use my shiny green straw again the next time I visit.

Farmer’s Markets – I’m not a big fan of farmer’s markets, but it is always worth it to visit one in Beaverton.  Jenelle likes all the fresh berries, and I am always on the lookout for a kettle corn vendor.  This trip, we didn’t go to the farmer’s market we usually visit, but we did stop by a big farm that sells a variety of items.  Sure enough, we found both berries and kettle corn.  Yum.

No Sales Tax – Nothing brings my joy quite like not having to pay sales tax.  I didn’t make any huge purchases this trip, but Jenelle and her mom went shopping for clothes.  They found some amazing bargains, all of them tax-free.  Yay.

VooDoo Doughnut – This unique donut shop has been featured on the Travel Channel.  Though it’s not in the best part of town, we joined plenty of folks in line, waiting for about an hour.  We felt a bit like tourists.  Anyway, Jenelle got a donut with oreo cookie bits on top, and I got one with butterfinger candy on it.

The Original Pancake House – As long as we’re talking about food, here’s another great place to eat.  The restaurant we visited was apparently the first in what is now a franchise that spans the country.  My brother’s family in Minnesota visits a location in Eden Prairie, and Jenelle and I went to one near Evanston, Illinois several times when we were dating.  No matter which location you pick, the pancakes are delicious.

Again, check out the photos from another great trip!

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