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Happy 2017

Wow, two full years with no updates. I should really update this site more often.

January 2014 Photo Album

There’s sixty more photos online in the January 2014 album. I’m amazed at how many photos we captured of Jonas climbing on things. He’s still just as active today (if not more). I can also tell that a lot of these were taken with my old iPhone 3GS that has much poorer quality than my […]

WHERE HAVE I BEEN? December 2013 Photos

For whatever reason, the site has gone without update for 6+ months, and I am almost a year behind on photo albums. December 2013 seems like ages ago. Jonas was walking and exploring, but he was nowhere near as interactive as he is now. We celebrated Eliana’s third birthday. Back then, an afternoon nap was […]

Adventures in Fatherhood, Part 4

My adventure was done two weeks ago, and just now I’m posting details of the final day. That’s how it goes. It was a beautiful day. The kids were up in plenty of time for me to get them dressed and fed before Eliana had to go to preschool. Jonas refused to sit in his […]

Adventures in Fatherhood, Part 3

The first two days of my ‘single father’ experience were a warm-up for the last two days. While I had plenty of family support on Saturday and Sunday, it would be limited on Monday and Tuesday. This was by design; while I could have leaned more on Bubba and GrandPat, I really wanted to build […]

Adventures in Fatherhood, Part 2

Both kids were up around 6:30 on Sunday morning, April 6. Too early for me, but I managed. With a clean house, I was able to get through the morning routines fairly quickly (get dressed, eat breakfast, pack up stuff for church), with a little help from Fireman Sam, a British kids cartoon that Eliana […]

Adventures in Fatherhood, Part 1

I had the special blessing of spending four days as the primary caregiver for Eliana and Jonas while Jenelle took a much-deserved vacation to Mexico with a friend. The fun started early on Saturday morning, April 5. My dad stayed with the kids while I took Jenelle to O’Hare. When I got home, Jonas had […]

2013 Christmas Letter

It’s tough to sum up a year in a few paragraphs, but I tried anyway. Isaacson Family Christmas Letter – 2013 Fun fact: If you change the year in the URL from 2013 to an earlier year, you can read past letters all the way back to 2003. Wow. I’m getting old. And so are […]

Back on the air!

Hi, everyone! Yes, Ben, Jenelle, Eliana, and Jonas are still around and doing great! As with the last time I posted here, my hope is to have more frequent updates in the weeks ahead. For now, here’s links to TONS of photo albums. All of these are accessible via the “Photos” link above or by […]

January and February 2013

We’re getting caught up! By the way, the easiest way to see the latest photos is to go to The January album has 50 pictures. Be sure to check out Jonas in his Oregon Ducks shirt and Eliana digging in the back yard wearing her awesome purple coat, which was a gift from Cousin […]