Here’s what you can find at BenAndJenelle.com:

  • Home – The best place to start! You’ll always find the latest news on this page’s left hand column. On the right side is the BenCam, the current reader poll, and lots of links to family sites, news sites, shopping sites, and plenty more!
  • Photos – This Shutterfly site has lots of photo albums, starting with Ben and Jenelle’s trip to Paris in October 2005.
  • Movies – You’ll find all sorts of moving pictures here. There’s Ben running a marathon, Ben falling while pushing a toy shopping cart, and everything in between!
  • History – Also known as “This Day in Isaacson Family History”, this is the place to visit to find out if something special happened on this date in the past — or any other date. You can even add your own events!
  • Series – Play Family Series, a game similar to the board game Mastermind. Ben programmed this version himself.
  • Run – Ben took up running as a hobby, and he’s run in several races, including Milwaukee’s Lakefront Marathon. Learn more about it here.
  • Gifts: Ben, Jenelle – These wish lists will come in handy just before Christmas and our birthdays in June. We try and update them around June 1 and November 1 of each year. 🙂

Enjoy your visit!