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And then there were five!

I am overjoyed to report that I am an uncle for the fifth time! Kellan Andrew Isaacson was born yesterday at 11:17 a.m. Details here on Holly and Andrew’s blog. I’m not sure when I’ll get to see him in person, but probably sometime in the next couple of months. Congrats to Andrew, Holly, Ella, […]

Hangin’ with the parents

This past Christmas was great for so many reasons. One is that there were quite a few gift giving and receiving occasions (December 19, 23, 24, 25, and 31). Jenelle and I went to my parents’ house on the 23rd. We all got lots of cool stuff, some of which I captured on digital film. […]

Christmas at Gail’s

On Saturday, December 19, Jenelle and I traveled to Lodi to celebrate “Isaacson Christmas” with all of dad’s family. Aunt Gail and Uncle Mike hosted an amazing party. Andrew, Ella, and Lily made the trip from Minnesota. Also joining us were Dan & Sandy from Ohio, who picked up Katie and her boyfriend, Chris, in […]

The Little Red Car

There should be lots more posts here in the coming days, as I begin to post Christmas photo albums and share some of the great family times we had. But first, I’d like to tell you about Jenelle’s 1997 Toyota Corolla. Jenelle bought the Corolla from a college friend while she was at Northwestern. We’ve […]

Welcome back from Grand Cayman

We got back from the Cayman Islands on Tuesday the 8th. When I arrived at work on Wednesday the 9th, I was delighted to discover that my colleagues had decorated my cube. It’s not easy to get a slightly-filled plastic wading pool and real sandcastles in an office environment, but they did it. Nice work! […]

Cayman Islands, Day 4

In case you missed the earlier entries:Day 1     Day 2     Day 3 Here’s the photo album for our last full day in the Cayman Islands. We once again started our day with free breakfast at the hotel. After that, it was off to the south for our kayaking/snorkeling adventure! There were a number of things that made […]

Merry Christmas!

Here’s our 2009 Christmas letter. We’re keeping it short and sweet this year. I’ll have details from the last day of our Cayman Islands trip posted soon!

Cayman Islands, Day 3

Not as many pictures from today, but here’s the album. Sunday, December 6I ran the marathon in the morning. I’ll eventually have a recap posted on the running log, but that’s not done yet. To summarize, it was a bit hot for running, but I still managed a solid finish in 4:04:28. The race started […]

Cayman Islands, Day 2

You can browse the photo album in a new window while reading the recap.Saturday, December 5I got up a bit early (but not too early) on Saturday morning to run two miles. This is standard day-before-the-marathon practice for me, especially when traveling. Feeling how hot it was, even before 8 a.m., confirmed that I would […]

Our Cayman Islands Adventure

Yesterday, we returned from our vacation in the Cayman Islands. My hope is that, every few days, I will post about each big event that happened during our trip. Here we go! Friday, December 4: Getting ThereWe used our frequent flier miles to book travel from O’Hare to Grand Cayman. The journey involved two intermediate […]