Cayman Islands, Day 3

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Not as many pictures from today, but here’s the album.

Sunday, December 6
I ran the marathon in the morning. I’ll eventually have a recap posted on the running log, but that’s not done yet. To summarize, it was a bit hot for running, but I still managed a solid finish in 4:04:28. The race started at 5 a.m., so my post-race meal was breakfast shortly after 9 a.m.! Jenelle got lots of video in addition to the photos that are in the album.

In the afternoon and evening, we drove around Grand Cayman, exploring the east and northern ends of the island. I had enough energy left to do a tiny bit of snorkeling, but it wasn’t nearly as awesome as our snorkeling adventures on Saturday (which I posted about earlier) and our kayaking/snorkeling adventures on Monday (which I’ll post about soon).

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