Cayman Islands, Day 4

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In case you missed the earlier entries:
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Here’s the photo album for our last full day in the Cayman Islands.

We once again started our day with free breakfast at the hotel. After that, it was off to the south for our kayaking/snorkeling adventure! There were a number of things that made this particular outing so great:
1) There were only six “customers” + the guide. Smaller groups make for a better time.
2) The guide was well-informed. He knew the best places to go, and he told us a lot about the history of the island and the various wildlife. He picked up different things off the sea floor and let us hold them (sea cucumbers, conch shells, and even a sea urchin — but I didn’t dare touch that!)
3) The underwater view was AMAZING — there was one bed of coral that had tons of fish and a couple of lobsters around it. We got plenty of photos, and even some video.

After lunch, we went to a beach on the northwest part of the island for more snorkeling. There weren’t that many fish at first, but then a whole group of them seemed to be following us around! As best we could tell, they must have thought the camera was food. The sequence of events progressed something like this:
1) Ben takes pictures.
2) Fish swarm around Ben.
3) Ben hands the camera to Jenelle to get a shot of the fish all around Ben.
4) Fish swarm around Jenelle.
5) Jenelle hands camera back to Ben.
6) Back to step one.
We did get some great shots!

After a quick stop back at the hotel, we went back to the beach to relax and watch the sun set. What a view.

In the evening, we visited a shopping mall. It looked very upscale, but to our surprise, a lot of the buildings were still vacant! It must be pretty new. In any case, the mall was well-decorated with Christmas lights, which made it fun to stroll around. We’re not big on souvenirs anyways. 🙂

We left Grand Cayman the next morning, and after a slight delay in Miami because of weather at O’Hare, we eventually took off, arrived in Chicago, and took a bus back home — just in time for all the snow.

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