September and October Eliana Photos!

Here’s the Eliana September 2012 photo album…

And here’s the Eliana October 2012 album.

I’m caught up just in time for another baby to arrive. 🙂

July and August Eliana Photos!

Will I be caught up by the time the boy arrives? It’s hard to say.
Eliana July 2012 Photos

Eliana August 2012 Photos

Eliana Pics: June 2012

Summer is definitely here. And I’m slowly but surely catching up on photos. Hang in there!
Eliana June Photos on Shutterfly

Eliana Pics: May 2012

Another month of pictures. She’s growing up faster than I can post them!
Eliana May Photos on Shutterfly

Eliana Pics: April 2012

Here comes another month of pictures. I know that I’m a bit behind, but hopefully I can fix that in the very near future. Stay tuned for more!

Eliana Photos – April 2012 (link to Shutterfly Album)

Eliana Pics: March 2012

Thanks for your patience. Here are some great pictures of our little scout from March. With luck, you’ll see April ones within a week or two.

Eliana March 2012 Photo Album on Shutterfly

Eliana Pics: January 2012 and February 2012

It’s about time, eh? I posted two new albums to Shutterfly.

January Eliana Photos

February Eliana Photos

Completing this post will hopefully give me some momentum to keep posting in the days ahead. Wish me luck.

Little Helping Hands

She’s not potty trained, but at least she cleans up after herself.

An Isaacson Family Christmas 2011

Here’s the Isaacson Family Christmas 2011 photo album!

It’s always great when my brother Andrew and his family come into town for a visit. We all gathered at my parents’ house a few days after Christmas to open gifts, play games, and just enjoy each other’s company. There are now TEN of us, so there’s never a dull moment.

The photo of Andrew and Eliana above is great, but there’s also a funny shot of me playing the Disney version of Hedbanz. I used to be pretty smart with Disney-related trivia, but I since haven’t been following the latest movies/shows, I didn’t fare too well against my nieces (Ella and Lily). Oh well — it’s still fun to play!

A Walter Family Christmas 2011

Here’s the Oregon Christmas 2011 photo album!

With Eliana’s birth in December 2010, there was no way we could travel to Oregon to celebrate Christmas with the Walters. So, we were definitely making the trip in 2011. As always, we had a wonderful time. We enjoyed breakfast with the family on Christmas morning and opened gifts soon afterward. We had plenty of days left over to cruise around town and get plenty of shopping and other fun activities done. We also spent some time with our friends the Boedings (Dave, Amanda, Adelaide, and introducing Thaddeus).