Baked Goods

The Best of Everything

Thanks to Jenelle, I had a super-terrific Valentine’s Day. As you can see from the above photo, I got two cards (one from Jenelle, one from Eliana), two bags of popcorn, a Foo Fighters CD/DVD, and a cake.

Let me go into more detail about the cake. It’s a red velvet cake, and Jenelle made it for me. Though I got a bit of help from others, I ate most of the cake myself over a period of three days. Prior to this one, I never had red velvet cake. It might just be Jenelle’s amazing skills, but I think this kind of cake is quite delicious. The taste is somewhere between yellow cake and chocolate cake, both of which I like. The cream cheese frosting is great, too. I’ve had that kind of frosting on carrot cake many times before, but never on an extra-tasty red velvet cake. I also appreciate that Jenelle did not put an entire vial of red food coloring into the cake as the recipe directed, instead using just a little bit. It doesn’t have to be bright red to be yummy.

So, to sum things up, I loved pretty much everything about the red velvet cake, especially the person who made it. Perhaps another cake like this will appear on the kitchen counter when my birthday rolls around. 🙂

Baby’s First Road Trip / An Amazing Birthday Cake

In late August, we took Eliana for her first car ride longer than three hours. We drove to Minnesota to celebrate Ella’s 8th birthday and Lily’s 6th birthday. Jenelle made the cake, and I think it turned out wonderfully.
Be sure to check out the photo album from the trip. Also, here’s a video:

Yellow Submarine CAKE

Jenelle made this cake for a friend’s son’s first birthday party. She’s getting really good at this sort of thing. I am more than happy to watch Eliana while she makes these fancy cakes. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving Back

Jenelle’s full-of-blackberries blackberry pie was a big hit at Grandma & Grandpa’s house earlier today.

I’m also pleased to report that I have already done the bare minimum as far as Christmas lights are concerned.  I’ve replaced the bulbs on the sides of our garage to a festive red and green.  Ooooh, pretty.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

Amazing Cakes

Here’s another work of art from Jenelle’s bakery.  She used homemade fondant to prepare this cake for a friend’s baby shower on Friday.  I had some of the leftover cake scraps — yum.  🙂


Here’s another of Jenelle’s amazing baked creations. This is what you get when you combine chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting, grape jelly beans, a marshmallow, melted chocolate, flattened tootsie rolls (for the ears) and a candy starburst (for the tongue!):