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In celebration of the Northwestern football team’s upset victory at Iowa today, I think it’s time to post about our visit to NU two weeks ago. It’s been nine years since I graduated, and six years since Jenelle graduated.

We walked around campus for a while, making a special stop at the bench where we got engaged in March 2002. After that, we stopped at the university bookstore. There’s a lot more cool stuff now, including dri-fit running shirts. I used some restraint though, and limited myself to a new winter hat, which has already been very helpful on several long runs in the past month.

For dinner, we met up with my cousin, Katie, who graduated from NU earlier this year. She’s living in Chicago, and she made the trip up to Evanston to meet us. We ate at Thai Sookdee, a Thai restaurant that Jenelle and Katie both like. It was my first time there, but I enjoyed it as well. We had ice cream for dessert at J.K. Sweets.

That about wraps up our super-fun day in Evanston. Go ‘Cats!

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