Independence Eve Extravaganza

By ben  

July 3rd Party Photos!

This year’s party was another success.

As usual, we had plenty of food, including an oreo-shaped cake with vanilla ice cream (see the photo album).

My friend, David, drove in from Ohio for the celebration.  I was thankful that he arrived a bit early because he helped me with some of the last-minute preparations. I’m also thankful for Pastor Rick, who pitched wiffle balls to all of the kids from the moment he arrived at the party until he and his family left that evening.

As usual, there were tons of kids in attendance, and we went though what seemed like hundreds of sparklers, which was the perfect kick-off to the fireworks extravaganza. As I lit off each item, the kids chanted, “Do it again, Uncle Ben!” as I got the next one ready.

The other highlight of this year’s party was the pre-meal prayer, during which I thanked God that Jenelle was pregnant, which caught most of the attendees by surprise.  I’ll have more on that in another post.  🙂

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