Yay for Visitors

By ben  

In the past four days, we’ve had lots of visits from family and friends.  The latest Eliana photo collection shows off most of them.  It is a joy for us to share our little blessing.

Liz, Randy, and Amanda dropped by on Thursday night.  On Friday, my parents brought dinner over, which was really nice.  I forgot to take pictures of them, but I remembered my camera when Nancy and Jerry came by a little bit later.  Jacob and Kristin, friends of ours from Kenosha Bible Church, dropped by on Saturday with their young children, Gabriel and Anneliese.  Lots of fun with kids of all sizes!  Sunday was also a blast with friends Nick & Sam, who bought and brought us lunch, followed by a visit from Uncle Nick, Aunt Lisa, and cousin Rachel.  While Rachel is only nine years old, she seemed much older when I watched her holding little Eliana.

To each of you who visited, and even those who just called or sent a card, we are truly thankful.

Though she is eating more, our baby girl is still so tiny — we’ll find out exactly how much she weighs tomorrow at our two-week check-up.  Everybody says, “They grow up so fast!”, so I better enjoy this time to the best of my ability.

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