Serving as Senders

By ben  

Last month, we went to Duncanville, Texas (just outside of Dallas) for a weekend to visit our friends, David and Amanda. They have a cute two year-old daughter named Adelaide. Eliana really enjoyed spending time with her.

Here’s some photos! Enjoy!

While our trip was pretty short, and the weather was quite warm, we did have lots of fun and get some important things done. David and Amanda are missionaries in transition with Pioneer Bible Translators, an organization working to get the Word of God into every language. If all goes well, David, Amanda, and Adelaide will be heading overseas next year.

Jenelle and I have a special role in their efforts. We serve as their forwarding agents, handling incoming funds and helping out with newsletters and a web site. While in Texas, David and I went to a PBT financial workshop to ensure we’re following all the procedures correctly.

If you are interested in partnering with David and Amanda, don’t hesitate to ask me for more details. Thanks!

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