Awesome Family, Plumber Edition

By ben  

Let’s hear it for my dad! He’s one of these guys who will do what it takes to get things done. In the past week, two of the three toilets in our house developed issues. The flush valve got stuck on one of them, and the fill valve starting leaking on the other. Thanks to about $20 worth of parts and a few hours of elbow grease, we once again have three operational facilities. The new fill valve on the downstairs toilet is both faster and quieter than the old one, that I’m wondering if it would be good to replace the other two noisy ones.

Grandpa Milt, my dad’s dad, who had an amazing work ethic, once said, “If you have a job to do, you do it.” My dad has clearly inherited that, and it is a blessing that he uses his skills and expertise to give me and my family some much needed help.

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