Crazy Photo Book Deal

By ben  

I placed an order on Shutterfly today for one 8×10 print, three 5×7 folded greeting cards, and four 8×8 hardcover photo books. The total was $5.26. How did that happen?

1) Last month, I placed an order for an 8×10 print, and for whatever reason, Shutterfly was having the hardest time producing it. I would wait a week with the order still ‘in processing’, then call and e-mail a bunch of times to complain. This process repeated a couple of times until they finally got it done and sent to me. For my trouble, I received a free 8×10 on a future order and a $20 gift certificate. So, this covers the free 8×10. I had $11.60 of the gift certificate left for today’s order.

2) There seem to be a lot of discount codes for free 5×7 folded greeting cards. I either find them on the site or get them e-mailed to me. Today, I had three such codes on my account. One of them expired today, so I made sure to place the order today.

3) 8×8 hardcover photo books are normally $29.99. Today, they were on sale for $23.99. On top of that, I received an e-mail today with a code to get 50% off photo books because I’m a ‘valued customer’, reducing the cost to about $12 each. On top of THAT, we got a coupon from Similac for $20 to spend on photo books. Funny what you get when you sign up to save on baby formula. And last but not least, Jenelle had a coupon that she got at the checkout at Target for a free photo book.

4) Shipping and handling for all of the above items would normally cost $24.75. However, coupon code SHIP30 allows you to get free shipping on orders of $30 or more. I’m lucky that this code worked, apparently because my total before all the discounts was above $30.

Let’s review this:

$  3.99 -- One 8x10 print
$  8.91 -- Three 5x7 folded greeting cards ($2.97 each)
$119.96 -- Four photo books

$132.86 -- Total before discounts

$119.96 -- The 8x10 print and the 5x7 greeting cards are free
$ 89.97 -- One of the books is free
$ 71.97 -- Photo books on sale today
$ 35.98 -- 50% off coupon in my e-mail
$ 15.98 -- $20 off from Similac

$ 16.86 -- Total (with $0.88 tax)

$ 11.60 -- Remaining gift card balance

$ 5.26 — How much I paid

And that’s how it’s done.

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