Chair. Chair. Chair.

By ben  

My parents gave Eliana a Pottery Barn Kids table & chair set for an early birthday present. They let Jenelle and me handle ordering it. The set includes a table and two chairs. Here’s a simplified version of what happened with the order.

Me: “I’d like to order the table & chair set.”
Pottery Barn Kids: “Okay, we’ll send it to you.”

Me: “One of the chairs is cracked.”
PBK: “Sorry. Send it back to us, and we’ll send you a replacement.”
Me: “Okay. Thanks.”

Me: “Hey, our table & chair set went on sale. Can you do a price adjustment?”
PBK: “Sure, here’s twenty bucks.”

Me: “Um, I sent you back the one broken chair, and you sent me two in return.”
PBK: “Yeah, we can’t send just one. You can keep the other one.”

And that’s how it’s done.

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