More November and December Photos

By ben  

That’s right. April is almost over, and I just put up a bunch of pictures from November and December. There were already lots of pics from the arrival of Jonas, but the new November album has more, chronicling all the times I took Eliana to a nearby park while Jenelle was with Jonas at the hospital.

The December album is massive, but I wanted to include the work holiday party, Eliana’s second birthday, Christmas, and several of Jonas that show you how quickly he is growing.

I hope to blog on a much more regular basis in the days and weeks ahead, but I can’t make any promises. When your kids are this little, you can miss something if you blink. Anyway, enjoy the pics!

November 2012 Photo Album (separate from the Jonas newborn album)

December 2012 Photo Album
Jonas Christmas Eve 2Eliana Silent Night

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