Catching up… December 2011 Photos

December was a crazy month. Between Eliana’s birthday and the numerous Christmas celebrations, we kept the camera clicking for our little one. This photo album has pictures from December that aren’t from her birthday party or the two big Christmas parties. A lot of them are quite cute.

Eliana’s First Birthday Revisited

With the holiday season and plenty of other things to keep me busy, it’s taken me a while to get together the pictures and the video from Eliana’s birthday party. So, thanks for waiting. Here they are!

View photos from Eliana’s birthday party on my Shutterfly page

Video clips from the party (about four minutes total):

More posts from December coming soon. With luck, I’ll be caught up by the end of January!

Merry Christmas to all!

We mailed out the last of our Christmas letters today. Yes, a little behind schedule, but not too bad.

Whether you receive a “snail mail” card or not, you can enjoy our 2011 online Christmas letter.

Also, I finally shared the Eliana November 2011 album on my Shutterfly site, so you can check that out, too!

Eliana’s First Birthday!

I’ll have much more to share from Eliana’s birthday party in the days/weeks ahead. For now, enjoy some of our favorite memories from the past year:

Baby’s First Halloween

Eliana dressed up as a butterfly for her first Halloween. We took her trick-or-treating at just one house. We went to Uncle Nick, Aunt Lisa, and cousin Rachel’s place, which on Halloween is known as Hollows Way.

Eliana doesn’t eat candy yet, but she sure was eager to grab some. You can see her eyeing the bowl intently in the above photograph. 🙂 Here’s the Halloween 2001 photo album.

Here’s a couple of videos as well.

Chair. Chair. Chair.

My parents gave Eliana a Pottery Barn Kids table & chair set for an early birthday present. They let Jenelle and me handle ordering it. The set includes a table and two chairs. Here’s a simplified version of what happened with the order.

Me: “I’d like to order the table & chair set.”
Pottery Barn Kids: “Okay, we’ll send it to you.”

Me: “One of the chairs is cracked.”
PBK: “Sorry. Send it back to us, and we’ll send you a replacement.”
Me: “Okay. Thanks.”

Me: “Hey, our table & chair set went on sale. Can you do a price adjustment?”
PBK: “Sure, here’s twenty bucks.”

Me: “Um, I sent you back the one broken chair, and you sent me two in return.”
PBK: “Yeah, we can’t send just one. You can keep the other one.”

And that’s how it’s done.

Up we go!

This video is more than three weeks old, but it’s a good one. Climbing stairs is no longer an issue for Eliana.

She still has a bit of trouble going down, but she’s a lot more careful and patient than she was a few weeks ago. She is growing up so fast!

Two More Photo Albums – Months Nine & Ten

Sorry to keep you waiting. Now available on the Shutterfly site are two more albums:

September 2011

October 2011

Lots of good ones in there. I’ll be adding some more photo albums from October, including Halloween, in the near future.

Stand, Stand Up

Our little girl is trying very hard to stand on her own. Can walking be that far in the future?

When I was reading to her while sitting cross-legged on the family room floor, she decided to climb up and see what she could do.

Baby’s First Road Trip / An Amazing Birthday Cake

In late August, we took Eliana for her first car ride longer than three hours. We drove to Minnesota to celebrate Ella’s 8th birthday and Lily’s 6th birthday. Jenelle made the cake, and I think it turned out wonderfully.
Be sure to check out the photo album from the trip. Also, here’s a video: